Clinically Relevant Drug Transporters

Learn how innovative strategies and translation tools are driving the process of successfully predicting drug disposition

Why should you attend? To learn more about and share your experience on:

  • Learn the different transporter strategies for drugdevelopment from our panel of industry experts

  • Learn about the ITC paper on clinically important transporter polymorphisms

  • How to understand the "Extended clearance concept" and to stablish aPBPK model to interpret clinical outcomes

  • Transporter biomarkers in the clinic and application in the predictions oftransporter mediated DDIs

  • New cell-based approaches for better preditions of drug transport and cellulardrug exposure

  • Transporters as targets case studies: INDY inhibitors, SGLT2 inhibitors andCFTR modulators

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The latest transporter recommendations from the FDA, EMA, PMDA, and ITC

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Effective clinical translation of transporter-mediated PK and DDIs

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New Tools: Humanized mouse models, Pet-imaging, 3D-Models and organs-on-a-chip

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Optimizing transporter-mediated and/or – limited ADME

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